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A.B.I. Disconnect

Battery Safety Solutions
How it Works
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Increasing Safety
ABI Disconnect automatically disconnects power to the machine in the event of a fire.

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Decreasing Maintenance Costs
ABI Disconnect automatically isolates the batteries after a preset amount of inactivity time. Removes the load on the batteries when the equipment is not in use prolonging the life of the batteries.

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Increasing Production
Reduces number of maintenance calls due to dead or faulty batteries.
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Reducing Universal Waste
As a result of the maximized battery life, batteries are changed less often.
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How ABI Disconnect Works

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G&L Innovation, LLC

ABI Disconnect


Product Manager: Grant Cox

+1 (208) 640-1323

Coverage Area: USA

Mayhew Performance

Product Manager: Mike Mayhew

+1 (705) 923-6298

Coverage Area: Canada, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile

U.S. Patented

Australia Patent Pending

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